Rethink the way you view PNT systems and systems engineering

What We Do

We help you solve your business and technical challenges

RethinkPNT is a consultancy that supports clients in the areas of position navigation and timing, space, satellite communications and ground systems. We are able to provide detailed advice, guidance, assurance and assessment services at a technical and strategic level.

The principal at RethinkPNT has over 25 years’ experience in PNT and space systems in both industry and Government. A former UK Government technology investor and Technical Director of the UK Space Agency, we can bring a unique perspective to any situation, be it operational, research and development, funding or strategic.

Our Mission

Promote resilient navigation and timing systems and approaches worldwide.

Our Vision

Navigation and timing services are essential to every aspect of our digital age. We believe they should be recognised and protected as critical infrastructure through taking a system of systems approach to resilience.

Latest projects and papers

Thought leadership

How to achieve PNT System Resilience – A Structured approach

By Andy Proctor | September 18, 2022

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RethinkPNT Submission to the IEEE

By Andy Proctor | June 23, 2022

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Developing a PNT Architecture Framework

By Andy Proctor | May 30, 2022

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